Selected exhibitions

21 Jul-24 Jul 2011 | Festival printing | Port Eliot Festival, Cornwall
People looking at the prints for sale at Port Elliot festival

Oschon spent a lovely long weekend helping our friends at Print Club London run their tent at Port Elliot, while our HigginsonHurst illustrator Ged Wells had an incredible exhibition of sculpture work.

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23 Apr-3 May 2011 | Pick Me Up London | Somerset House, London
Photograph showing the exhibition space inside Somerset House of the Pick Me Up London Print club room with screenprinting beds.

Somerset House presented Pick Me Up, the first contemporary graphic art fair in the UK. The fair brought together the most exciting graphic artists working today, providing opportunities to buy limited edition, affordable graphic art, illustration and design.

A lively programme of events and activities accompanied the fair, including an open studio from legendary paper artist Rob Ryan.

Over the course of the fair, Print Club London and Somerset House invited some of their favourite designers to print a poster live in their workshop.

The poster was available for sale on that day in limited editions of 50 for £50 each.

Osch got his hands dirty printing and James was busy launching the illustration agency HigginsonHurst with his business partner Kate Higginson, also one of the directors of Print Club London.

Alongside all manner of great shenanigans Creative Review got James to talk through the process of screenprinting, which took two shoots. One here, the other here, if you keep your eyes open you'll also see Osch running around producing something special as Consist & See. There was a funny 'moment' at the Glug night, but you'll have to buy us a beer to find out more.

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17 Mar-27 Mar 2011 | Pick Me Up London | Somerset House, London
Three pieces of Consist & See artwork drying after being screenprinted.

The second edition of Pick Me Up, the UK's first contemporary graphic art fair. Due to popular demand after the fair's successful launch in April 2010, Pick Me Up takes place in the Embankment Galleries until Thursday for a celebration of graphic art.

The best, most innovative and avant-garde graphic artists, collectives and galleries from the UK and across the world are exhibiting and offering an exuberant mix of artworks for sale. Somerset House is once again a platform for the graphic art and design community and a great place to experience first hand the energy and excitement of the graphic art scene.

A lively programme of events and activities accompanies the fair, including an open studio from designer Anthony Burrill, our Osch printing the lovely screenprints shown above, and James did a bit of birthday printing on the Glug night to help Fred Higginson celebrate another year with lots of pictures of his face...

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16 Mar-19 May 2011 | Illuminated B | Busaba, Floral Street, London
A photo of our illuminated B shown outside the Busaba restaurant while building work was going on.

As an ongoing collaboration with Hand On Fire we are working with Busaba to help them 'locate' each restaurant within its surroundings. This process starts as soon as they start the re-fitting of a new location.

Their latest restaurant on Floral Street is in an area with a rich heritage of vice. In the 18th Century the cul-de-sac had an astonishing 11 pubs and was famous for its decadent nightlife.

The focal point of our installation alludes to this history with a large illuminated ‘b’ that uses mirrors to create and infinity effect as the viewer changes their perspective when viewing the work.

Our installation was on display while building work was being carried out inside the restaurant itself.

2 Mar-2 Apr 2011 | Wrap | Clerkenwell Design Week, Viaduct Gallery, London
The sketches showing how the Wrap space will look at Viaduct for Clerkenwell Design Week.

Wrap Magazine (who we produced an illustration for their launch issue for) were asked to collaborate with Zeitraum (a German furniture company) to create an interesting, bold and exciting installation in Viaduct, a Clerkenwell (London) based retailer of contemporary furniture..

A fantastic opportunity to showcase designers and Wrap used our image across all manner of exciting furniture items and lampshades. Images coming soon!

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20 Feb 2011 | Yarn Festival, Illustrationarium LIVE | The Book Club, London
Our flyer for the Yarn illustrationarium event at The Book Club in London

We worked in partnership with Yarn Festival and our friends Soupa Creative Network to bring together the Illustrationarium, a live event where authors read, while illustrators created.

You can see our lovely illustrated flyer playing on the overhead projector we used for the event to help tell the story about what would happen above...

Authors, storytellers and illustrators included Chris Cleave, Helen Smith, Rachel Rose Reid, Neil McFarland, Carlos Garde-Martin and Luke Waller.

Katy Darby also joining in. Her work has been read on BBC Radio, won various prizes, and appeared in magazines including Stand, Slice and Mslexia. She teaches writing at City University, edits the literary magazine Litro and runs monthly fiction event Liars’ League. Her first novel, Whores’ Asylum, will be published in 2012.

Chris Cleave’s debut novel Incendiary won a 2006 Somerset Maugham Award, was shortlisted for the 2006 Commonwealth Writers Prize, won the United States Book-of-the-Month Club’s First Fiction award 2005 and won the Prix Spécial du Jury at the French Prix des Lecteurs 2007. His second novel is titled Little Bee in Canada and the US, where it is a New York Times #1 bestseller. It is titled The Other Hand in the UK, where it is a Sunday Times bestseller. It was shortlisted for the Costa Book Awards.

Rachel Rose Reid is a Storyteller, creating Live Lit performances to melt boundaries and build bridges between the oral tradition of our ancestors and the spoken word of today. She has been named a rising star of the festival circuit by the Independent on Sunday, and is a winner of the UK Young Storyteller of the Year. She has been a featured artist at Latitude, Camp Bestival, Port Eliot, the London Literature Festival, Burning Man and the Secret Garden Party, at storytelling festivals Festival at the Edge and Beyond the Border and on BBC Radio.

Helen Smith is an award-winning novelist and playwright. She’s the author of Alison Wonderland, Being Light, The Miracle Inspector, and The Emily Castles Mystery Series, as well as children’s books, and plays.

It was a fantastic event in a very magical setting indeed.

Do check out these flickr galleries to see more.

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3 Dec-5 Dec 2010 | Blisters Blackout | MC Motors, London
Inside the Print Club London Blisters Blackout exhibition looking at the large illuminated typography and letters in the exhibition space!

Following the success of its Secret Blisters exhibition last year and the Blisters On My Fingers show of the previous year, London-based screenprinting club, Print Club London opens its doors on the 3rd December for its third annual print exhibition. This year, there will be 40 exhibiting artists, 40 editioned and signed silkscreen prints by each, selling for £40 a pop.

Entrants had to include a glow-in-the-dark element to the designs – as the exhibition venue (a rather wonderful shabby old warehouse in Dalston) will be plunged into darkness at various points during the opening night so the assembled can see the posters a-glowing.

Each year Fred, Rose and Kate open up the exhibition for submissions – anyone can submit! But they also go after a few favourites. This year some golden oldies are taking part and it’s going to be incredible. The key to the show they believe is aligning some really established illustrators, street artists and designers alongside those fresh out of art school. Their aim is to take affordable art prints to a wider demographic, encouraging buyers to invest in original artwork. Street Artist Ben Eine famous for his letters on shuttering now spreading worldwide, and a favourite artist of David Cameron who gifted Eines work to President Obama, will be signing his prints live on the opening night! Whilst old schooler Jamie Reid is also taking part, famous for his Sex Pistols album cover “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” and once described by Sean O’Hagan of The Observer as “the single most iconic image of the punk era”, Reid has produced a print for the show. Other artists include: MR BINGO, CLIFFORD RICHARDS, STEVIE GEE, SI SCOTT, PETER STITSON, LUKE INSECT, HENNIE HAWORTH, PURE EVIL, STEVIE GEE and our very own James as RandomBoy.

Alongside everything else, our HigginsonHurst illustration agency had a special room in the middle of the exhibition with some very special commissions indeed.

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15 Oct-18 Oct 2010 | Multiplied | Christies, London
A view of the artwork at Multiplied hanging in Christies showing Consist & See's screenprint Breton Brug.

As part of the debut multiplied event we had our Chris Dent (one of the illustrators from HigginsonHurst) produce the exhibition map and Print Club London had an incredible space to showcase their various artists, including our very own Oschon Wespi-Tschopp under the moniker Consist & See.

You can purchase his print from the show here and find out more about Chris Dent here.

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23 Sep-26 Sep 2010 | Everyday Delights | Tent London
Our large embroidered yellow duster pieces, So Much Time So Little To Do.

JJAM curators collective challenged London based designers to reinvent to classic yellow duster in a way that we never imagined before!

This project aimed to use the most banal everyday object to expose and promote the creativity of London’s contemporary design scene.

JJAM showcased the best 100 designs at their stand at Tent London and in a postcard book sold on their website, Tent and various shops. JJAM invited 50 designers to submit a design including us.

We created a 5m x 3m large quilt embroidered by hand with sequins that we had too much time, and too little to do.

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20 Sep 2010 | ZineView, Thames & Hudson | The Well Gallery, LCC, London
An image showing our Big Antidote zine project printed in 3 pantone colours.

We were thrilled to be part of ZineView: A Pop-up Reading Room curated by Team Triggs to celebrate the launch of her latest book, Fanzines.

The Reading Room showcased a huge collection of zines provided by zine makers and fanatics of today, along with examples of zines from the past held in the LCC Zine Archive, Zineswap's extensive library of zines, the author's own collection and (amongst others) our Big Antidote project.

Open for one night only, people came, browsed and discussed independent publications in all formats: whether they be zines or newspapers, handmade or glossy.

Fanzines is the ultimate book on the subject, full of reproductions of the best fanzines ever created, from the superhero tributes of the 1950s and 60s, to punk fanzines such as Sniffin' Glue, right up the contemporary e-zine scene. Arranged chronologically in six chapters, each with a thorough introduction, Fanzines spans eight decades of counterculture and features many extremely rare publications. The author, Teal Triggs, is an avid fanzine collector, who is Professor of Graphic Design at the University of the Arts London. She has written extensively on the subject including as co-editor of Below Critical Radar: Fanzines and Alternative Comics From 1976 to Now.

It was an honour to be included in such a great exhibition and see so much exciting work both old and new.

17 Sep-31 Dec 2010 | The Deptford Project train carriage | London
A photo showing the Deptford Project train carriage that we covered for London Design Festival 2010

A 35 tonne 1960's train carriage on Deptford High Street; conceptualised and pulled together by Raw Nerve and lovingly converted into a café/bistro by Studio Myerscough with a recent makeover from Insa - we were honoured when asked to do something for the outside for London Design Festival 2010.

Drawing on our illustration agency HigginsonHurst we worked with Chris Dent (cityscapes) and Haniboi (characters) to create a 40 meter long vision of a future city with a mix of very interesting characters! Chris who has a show that has just opened at SuperSuperficial is an incredible illustrator who's line work has caught the eye of art directors and designers around the world. He's a perfect foil to Haniboi's amazingly eclectic cast of characters who come together in this crazy downtown dystopia...

The work will be installed on Wednesday 22nd September by Danny Morgan (Umlaut Collective) who will also be photographing and filming the installation with a dedicated crew of collaborators including Henry Flitton and Hal Gililan (two students from Goldsmiths Design). The work will form a great backdrop to the last few screenings at the incredibly Silent Cinema where you can watch; outdoors, A Clockwork Orange (23rd), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (24th) and Withnail & I (25th).

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26 Aug-31 Aug 2010 | SE16 | Vibe Gallery, London
The view of the Vibe Gallery work curated by Gus Winter.

We were thrilled to help The Vibe Gallery launch their new space in SE16. We collated screenprints from our shows, our illustrators at HigginsonHurst and our friends at Print Club London . We had a guest curator Gus Winter who kept an eye on proceedings and it was lovely to see so many friendly faces.

Alongside our area it was a pleasure to see (and meet) the very talented Robson Cezar whos brass sculptures are incredible and the very lovely Jenny Evans, Louise Chapman, Amber Heptinstall, Lucy Hutton and the man who commissioned us, Mark Bean.

We gave away a very special limited edition printed version of the Big Antidote project (to date), lots of beer and enjoyed some great BBQ action.

22 Jul-25 Jul 2010 | Festival printing | Secret Garden Party
The Cure Studio juggling Secret Garden Party monster.

Both James and Oschon spent a long weekend helping our friends Print Club London run a screenprinting area inside the festival. We kept a running diary of what people printed on a yellow t-shirt, that we might get up on the site feed soon... Shown is our juggling monster, just one of around 12 designs that we printed on peoples t-shirts as keepsakes of their time in the countryside...

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24 Jun-27 Jun 2010 | Offside | East End Arts Club, London
A view from the outside of the gallery space looking in with Oschs screenprint on the right hand side.

A pop up show featuring affordable prints, originals and subversion from emerging artists, illustrators, graphic designers, print-makers and photographers.

Some of the main attractions..Keira Rathbone/Elod Bergegszazi/Jess Wilson/Mark Peronnet/Swifty/Michael Vanderson/Moose Allain/Peter Sylviere/Jennifer Camilleri/Helen Lang/The Kuntists Emporium/Paul Delaney/Dan Kitchener/Allan Deas/Being of Unsound Mind/Richard Peacock/Elisabeth Molin/Schoony/Peter Edwards/Miracle Fish/Sam Szulc/Stuart Koenig-Roach/Andrew Johnson/Anonymous Hands/Katia Antz/Claire Palfreyman and our very own Oschon Wespi-Tschopp as Consist & See. You can buy his print from the show here.

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10 Feb-28 May 2010 | Hoxton Hoarding Project | Busaba, Old Street, London
A photo showing our work on the Busaba hoarding, an art show we curated on Old Street, London.

We were really excited to work with the Busaba team to help launch their first restaurant in East London. Our concept to tie the restaurant into its surroundings (which is part of an ongoing project we are working with Busaba on) is based around finding the 'local' around each restaurant.

For the launch of the East London restaurant which is situated in the heart of trendy Shoreditch; we worked with 5 key groups and people who are all very active in the area and curated 5 very large free outdoor exhibitions outside on the hoarding of the restaurant as refurbishment work went on inside.

We used the imagery from the acclaimed food photographer Jason Lowe and made a feature of the axiom 'GanGinGanYuu'; that translates as 'you are as you eat'. This initial exhibition was followed by an installation featuring our sister company HigginsonHurst and an incredible array of talented illustrators. This led onto an installation with the very active and incredibly impressive Very Nearly Almost street art magazine. They documented key moments and areas around the neighbourhood of the much anticipated restaurant. We then completed the run of exhibitions with a showcase of our own Big Antidote project, a pass-the-pen narrative where one illustrator tells a section of story. We invited (and selected) the next section of the story based on the incredible responses we received while the story was featured on the hoarding project.

The process was documented by the incredible team at Studio SRK who made sure we had great photography and video footage. The short video was screened at an incredibly busy opening.

The project received an incredible amount of press; including a feature inside The Independent and being featured in the Global Innovation Report.

7 Oct-7 Dec 2009 | Power In Numbers | digiloung, Boston

A selection of the Power In Number exhibition was framed and shown in the creative DigiLounge space run by Tech Superpowers (a favourite company name of ours).

7 Aug-7 Sep 2009 | Power In Numbers | Bodhi Gallery, Tokyo

The Power in Number exhibition was taken over and shown in full at the sister gallery to East Gallery, Bodhi in Tokyo.

7 May-27 May 2009 | Power In Numbers | East Gallery, London
The show opening of the Power In Numbers exhibition

With Fred Higginson we curated and created a monster of an exhibition. We had an open call for submissions and curated the 50 most sympathetic submissions (from over 600) that would form an interesting exhibition. We then screenprinted each piece of work 50 times, and ended up creating quite a stir with the show.

Alongside the main exhibtion we held various talks and music nights including a stunning evening with bands from Ambigous Records where we created and gave out a very special limited edition CD of music (also lovingly screenprinted).

It picked up loads of press, including a lovely write up in Creative Review here.

8 Jul-8 Jul 2008 | Blisters on Fingers | MC Motors, London
The show poster created by Rose Stallard for the Print Club London Blisters on Fingers exhibition.

The debut Blisters exhibition run by Print Club London. James was lucky enough to get a print in the show, a long time before he became friends (and business partners) with the Print Club Team. Under the moniker RandomBoy he paid homage to Antony Burrill with this.

James offered Antony a copy, who politely declined as he isn't a fan of swearing. Shown above is the show poster designed by the Print Club London creative director and illustrator Rose Stallard.

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Selected press

24 Nov 2011 | Creative Review
A photo of Creative Review magazine which features The Type Foundry typeface Delphon by Jack Featherstone. The Type Foundry is featured in Creative Review with Jack Featherstones 'Delphon' shown. We are particularly excited about that, as the typeface has an astonishing 147 automatic ligature replacements, which was a bit of a monster to set up!
23 Nov 2011 | Ala Champfest
A photo of our 6 page feature in Ala Champfest magazine We are thrilled to be featured in this 6 page feature on our work! It showcases our work with a whole clutch of our lovely clients including a great interview with James. It is available exclusively at Colette in Paris and Dover Street Market in London.
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1 Nov 2011 | Digital Arts Magazine
Osch making some 'special' equipment to extract payment from a problem client. We were asked by Digital Arts magazine to talk through how we handle 'Nightmare Clients'. Of course all of ours are lovely, but we do have a bit of advice and a lovely photo of Osch working on some experimental machinery to extract payment from said nightmare... We were featured in print and online.
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27 Oct 2011 | Computer Arts Magazine
Our Whistles Stop Frame animation on the Computer Arts Magazine website screenshot. Our Whistles stop frame animation video made the 'inspired' collection collated by Jim McCauley Computer Arts' online editor.
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16 Aug 2011 | Design Week
Our work with Vans on the Downtown Showdown event in Spitalfields Market gets picked up by Design Week, who also speak to some of the people who built the incredible ramps. This was an incredible event and we were thrilled to be part of it.
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25 Jul 2011 | Design Week
Our work with DJ Sasha on the rebranding and relaunch of his record label, formally Emfire, now Last Night On Earth. We suffered the wrath of the viscous online commentators - hopefully we will win them over as the series grows and the various sleeves all start to connect (and if we don't, well plenty of other people love it!)
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1 Jul 2011 | Computer Arts Projects issue 151
Our work with Greenwich Summer Sessions in a computer arts article about how to work with illustrators. Our work with Greenwich Summer Sessions and the illustrator Chris Dent (who we commissioned to produce the 2011 marketing image) is explored in this excellent article about how best to work with illustrators. Written up by one of our favourite journalists Garrick Webster with loads of great images showing our process. In print and online.
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9 Mar 2011 | Design Week
Our work with Greenwich Summer Sessions gets picked up by Design Week.
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20 Feb 2011 | Stylist
Wow! Stylist LOVES the Wrap Magazine project so much they have included it in a special listing of things to go and buy... so go on... go and buy it!
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12 Feb 2011 | Design Week
Our work with Yarn festival is explored and explained in this great article both online and in the magazine.
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18 Dec 2010 | The Guardian
We are thrilled that our work with Wrap Magazine has been nominated as 'buy of the day' in the week running up to Christmas... great for all image lovers out there...
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22 Oct 2010 | Amelias Magazine
Very exciting to see our work with JJAM curators collective getting featured in this excellent write up of the Tent London show. Glad they liked our work!
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20 Sep 2010 | Design Week
Our work with The Deptford Project where we drew all over a large train carriage in Deptford gets an excellent write up in this Design Week article both in print and online.
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19 Aug 2010 | Design Week
Our work on the Busaba Hoxton Hoarding project opening is written up in this article both in print and online.
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13 Aug 2010 | The Independent
Our work with Busaba on the Hoxton Hoarding projects is included in an excellent article about Art On The Streets by Emma Love. Well worth a read both online and in the daily edition.
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11 Aug 2010 | Design Week
Our work with Wrap magazine is picked up by Design Week.
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5 Aug 2010 | Design Week
Our work with Wajdi Mouwad’s play Scorched at the Old Vic tunnels is featured in News in Pictures both online and in print.
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4 Aug 2010 | Design Week
We have been working with the new tea brand Pause on an identity to help them make their mark in the competitive market place. Design Week have written an excellent article explaining what we've done. Both in print and online.
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29 Jul 2010 | Design Week
Our work at getting new clients and keeping them happy is outlined and explained in an excellent article by Garrick Webster 'Out There' both online and in print.
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29 Apr 2010 | Design Week
James was asked to go into some detail about what he found inspiring, which is the thrill of living and working in a really vibrant city. London. In print and online.
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28 Apr 2010 | Creative Review
CRTV Pick Me Up London (part 2) The second installment where James goes into some detail about how to screen print, and in the background you can see Oschon pulling prints very professionally...
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28 Apr 2010 | Creative Review
CRTV Pick Me Up London (part 1) where James goes into some detail about why we are at Somerset House and what is going on.
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9 Mar 2010 | Design Week
James was asked his opinion on: The Association of Illustrators has called for designers to share experiences of moral rights infringement. What do you think is the best way to address the unauthorised use or manipulation of creative work? In print and online.
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2 Mar 2010 | Design Week
Our Busaba Hoxton Hoarding project gets a great write up in thie article with lots of lovely images of the project as it progresses. Online and in print.
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7 May 2009 | Digital Arts
Our Power In Numbers exhibition gets another excellent write up with loads of the work that we are showing on Digital Arts Online - go read!
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7 May 2009 | Design Week
Screen-printing as a craft resonates with artists and designers. Not only is it a well-respected way to attain a multiple of one design or illustration, the hands-on process of ink and screen-printing bed combines usefulness with a touch of nostalgia. New screen-printing exhibition Edition/Power in Numbers at the Bodhi Gallery, organised by Cure Studio and Print Club London, showcases work from more than 40 artists from around the world. 'The quality of the artist is the measure of a good ...
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6 May 2009 | Creative Review
We have been very very busy pulling together the Power In Number exhibition at Bodhi Gallery, and it is really exciting to see it getting picked up by Creative Review who have shown loads of the work in an excellent spread at the back of the magazine and online.
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24 Mar 2009 | Digital Arts
Digital Arts Online help us get in submissions for the Power In Numbers exhibition. It must of worked as we had over 600!
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