HigginsonHurst portfolio website

HigginsonHurst are an illustration agency that represent a number of incredibly talented people. Our brief was to develop a website for the agency that underlines how talented the illustrators are; without being overbearing in how that talent is communicated.

Our solution creates a very clean and clear portfolio of the illustrators work. Our refined approach givest a sense of each illustrator on the roster and makes use of various technologies to facilitiate a clean and clear slideshow of work.

Alongside the website we also developed a press banner campaign to help with the agency launch; which had an incredibly high click through rate when used on the Creative Review website (around 4% with the industry average under 1%).

We have also developed an e-marketing campaign manager for HigginsonHurst that allows them to send targeted email campaigns; and then monitor how many successful each campaign is.

Our training with the team at HigginsonHurst about how to make best use of the data from Google Analytics has helped them make best use of these tools.