The Deptford Project

We were asked by Studio Raw director Rebecca Molina to re-dress their extraordinary 35 tonne 1960's South East Train carriage cafe 'The Depftford Project' in time for the 2010 London Design Festival. The train which was originally designed by Morag Myerscough and recently acted as a canvas to the incredible artist INSA has grown (through the guiding hand of place-maker Rebecca Molina) into a creative hub housing all manner of wonderful and exciting people, industries and events.

We worked with Chris Dent and Haniboi, two of our illustrators from HigginsonHurst (our sister agency) to produce the 70 meter installation that plays with the concept of scale and the relationship of a city and its inhabitants. Our mini city; with larger than life characters are wrapped around the train and can be found in a few odd and interesting places.

The work was installed by the dedicated Umlat Collective who also put together a great video about this and the wider Deptford Project.