Vans Downtown Showdown newspaper

We are very excited to finally share our work with Vans for their incredible Downtown Showdown.

The Vans Downtown Showdown concept was created for skateboarders by skateboarders and has been running globally for the last six years, each time creating unique off the wall ideas to be skated.

With Torino and Hamburg the previous settings for the European Vans Downtown Showdown, and the infamous Paramount Studious in Hollywood, Los Angeles being the birthplace of this unique event, expectations this year are higher than ever before as Vans and the competitors push hard to surpass the already extremely high standard of the contest.

Ten of the best skate teams will be competing at the historic Old Spitalfields for their chance to take part in a contest renowned to test skill, flare and creativity. Far removed from the usual format of any other skateboarding competition - the event will take place on special customised ramps, which are all designed by the invited teams themselves. Expect to see the top professional skateboarders doing what they can to secure their share of the crown jewels. For that matter, a combined prize total of €50,000 should inspire enough carving and slashing to make old Jack proud.

We would love to see you there, its a free event so no excuses!

Saturday 20th August 2011
Old Spitalfields Market, East London

Printed by the incredible Newspaper Club, with illustrations from French.